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Professional Tips for Preserving Your Brake System

An Auto Repair Company’s Tips for Keeping Your Brakes Strong for Longer

The most important safety feature in every car are the brakes. Without them, the car won’t be allowed out of the factory. A car with malfunctioning brakes is a serious threat to the lives of both the driver, the passengers, and the pedestrians in the streets.

Most people think of seat belts and air bags when talking about safety measures. However, an air bag and a seat belt will only help you if you crash into something. Having a malfunctioning brake system can be far worse than anything that could happen to your car. Needless to say, if you feel your brakes are getting weaker, you need to visit an auto repair shop immediately.

The thing that causes your brakes to wear out quicker is driving at high speed and stopping rapidly. Speed is a brake system’s biggest enemy, so to speak. It puts tremendous pressure on your brakes, and slowly wears them down. As a result, the brakes begin to decrease in efficiency. As an auto repair contractor, I have a lot of experience with such problems, and here is what I recommend you do:

  • For starters, if you want to keep your car running efficiently but don’t have the skills, then we suggest you drive slower and use the brakes only when you need to.
  • If you have the required driving skills, you can use the gears to slow down. Instead of pressing on the brakes every time you’re going downhill, you should switch to a lower gear, and let the engine slow itself down. You can do all of that without stepping on the brake. If you are one of those drivers that drive with one foot on the brake, we suggest you improve your driving habits. Consult with a driving instructor or an auto repair specialist. They know all about bad driving techniques and the wear that they put on your car.

If you feel that your brakes may be losing their grip or need help with your vehicle, then simply give Rodenhaber Service Center of York PA a call at (717) 848-4188!