Making Sure You Pass the State Inspection

 A state inspection is done to ensure each car is still roadworthy. Allowing a car to be on the road without it passing its yearly inspection could lead to a catastrophe. Each car should be able to pass these inspections to keep everyone on the road safe. Here in Rodenhaber Service Center, our mechanics can conduct an inspection of your car. We are a certified PDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) inspection station in York PA.Rodenhaber Service Center is a fully licensed and insured auto shop. We have been in this industry for the last 33 years. This is the reasons why the state of Pennsylvania has trusted our capacity and honesty to inspect vehicles. Our ASE-certified auto mechanics are trained and experienced to see any problems in your vehicle. They are able to handle a lot of types of vehicle.Their eyes are very keen in checking every part of the vehicle. They will check every nook and cranny and not leave anything to chance. They go through a checklist to ensure they would not be missing anything. They will cover systems like the steering, suspension, brake, electrical and exhaust. They will also check the windows and the windshield. Even the wipers, windshield washer, and defroster are meticulously inspected.Our auto shop in York PA is complete with all the tools and equipment to have a reliable inspection. With these tools and equipment, they will be able to inspect your vehicle in a quick manner. Even if they are fast, they make sure they are still thorough.Part of our auto mechanic services is to give repairs. When we give you the result of the inspection and there are damages to your car, you can rely on our repair service. Rest assured we do not just tell you your car has a problem to earn money. We are regulated by the PDOT as well.Come to Rodenhaber Service Center for your vehicle’s state inspection. Be one of the dependable citizens of York PA. Call us today at (717) 848-4188 to set a schedule.