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What Are the Most Common Maintenance Procedures That I Need to Keep My Car Running?

An Auto Repair Shop’s Guide to Oil Replacement and Basic Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle motors require motor oil. Otherwise, they can’t function. This requires the oil to be checked and replaced regularly. If you are new to vehicle maintenance or just aren’t sure why oil changing is so important, then this article should help you find out.

Vehicles need routine inspections in order to operate properly. That means replacing the oil and tires, as well as performing tune ups and transmission checks. Some of the maintenance can be performed without supervision. Other services, however, can be provided only by a professional auto repair shop.

The time between the scheduled oil changes varies. It depends on the distance you have traveled and the type of vehicle you’re driving. Different brands and types of vehicles – cars, SUV-s, trucks, buses, and so on, require different amount and quality of oil. According to most manufacturers, you should replace the oil in most cars every time you reach a certain mileage. For most cars that’s between three and five thousand miles.

Larger vehicles exhaust oil faster and require more frequent visits to the auto repair shop. This is especially true for larger capacity diesel engines, whereas smaller gasoline fueled engines are more economical and exhaust the oil slower.

One way to make sure your car needs an oil change is by checking the indicator on the dashboard. If it’s flashing, then you need to start worrying about it. We recommend you take care of it immediately. You don’t always need to take it to an auto repair shop for that. It’s a pretty common procedure, and depending on your car, you can do it on your own. Just read the vehicle’s manual.

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