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Need to Take Your Car to Its Annual Service?

Things to Consider When Looking for an Auto Repair Shop

Very few vehicles ever go through their entire life span without the need of at least one major repair. The question then becomes which auto repair shop will suit your needs and your budget. One may give a low estimated bill, however, the downside to that is it could take weeks to repair. Another could promise fast service, but the parts could be extremely expensive. When it comes down to any auto repair, you will have to compromise between quality, time and price. One thing to think about when choosing an auto repair garage is their reputation. Local garages are known throughout the community. It pays to speak to family, friends and even co-workers and business owners where they take their cars for repairs.

There are different levels of service you will get from different garages. At the top are service centers from new car dealers. These mechanics are trained by one big car manufacturer such as Mercedes or Toyota, so they will be familiar with certain cars and can get original factory parts. The biggest problem with using a dealership-based for auto repairs is the price. So unless your car is still under warranty from the factory or your insurance will cover the repair, parts and labor, prices could be a lot higher at these places.

The next type of service is found in chain or private garages. Look out for certificates of training displayed in the reception area. A private auto repair shop feature certified mechanics that enjoy their job and take pride in it. Since the shop is not affiliated in any way to a manufacturer, the mechanics are free to use after-market or used parts whenever necessary. Labor is also lower, since the mechanic will only use working hours rather than the estimated time of repairs stated in auto manuals.

Maybe the cheapest auto repair garage is the shade tree mechanic. Some people just enjoy repairing cars, so you may need to negotiate a deal with such as a person on price.

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