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What Are the 4 Most Popular Myths about Repair Companies? Part – 1

Some of the Most Common Misconceptions about Auto Repair Shops

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding various professions and work places. Auto repair technicians can sometimes be accused of being dishonest and performing bad repairs that don’t last. These are just some of the things people think. Most of that is based on a false understanding of the business. Other myths are based on real situations that have happened but aren’t a regular practice. Anyway, here are some of the things that you can hear about auto repair companies:

“They are here to take my money. My car was designed to break down at a certain mileage, and the technicians are here to make profits out of people’s misery.”

Although there is some truth in that, this is still a myth. Modern vehicles are not made to break down too often. They are designed to last longer, cost less, and require less maintenance. That’s why most things inside are electronic, and they don’t need frequent attention. Also, there are all sorts of indicators and lights to remind the driver about the few things that he needs to do on his own. So, even if something goes wrong, you are bound to get a warning so that you can fix it in time. Lastly, most vehicle repair shops have nothing to do with the vehicle manufacturers.

“Reliable auto repair shops can give you an estimate online or over the phone, without you having to bring the car to them.”

If someone tells you this, don’t trust them. Mechanics can’t estimate the amount of work that they have to perform for you just by listening to what you tell them over the phone. They need to see the car for themselves. Otherwise, the problem can’t be diagnosed and handled properly. The mechanic needs to look under the hood and test things before he can attempt any repairs.

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